About Sifu Lizzie Lavado

Sifu Lizzie Lavado, qigong master and pianist extraordinaire, is an advanced practitioner of Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Shaolin Kung Fu and Meditation. She is very grateful to Grandmaster Emiko Hsuen for her first introduction to Chi Kung back in 2001. Next, she attended intensive courses in Chi Kung and Taijiquan with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit beginning in 2002 through to 2010 in Toronto and New York. Currently she is a senior student of Grandmaster Emiko Hsuen and an instructor at Joy and Freedom.

Sifu Lizzie has also studied with Grandmaster Simon Hu (3rd generation representative of Wu Yi Jie He Family Lineage, and Founder of Zhen Yuan Tai Chi). She continues her training with Sifu Hsuen and Grandmaster Wong.

Sifu Lizzie would like to thank her husband Chad and their son for enriching her life. Also, she expresses her thanks to her parents, her two brothers and their wives, for their love and support.