About Sifu Jinne Kim

Sifu Jinne Kim, MTA, B of MT currently owns and operates JK Music Garden, a music centre that specializes in music education, music therapy and performance. Proficient in piano, violin, guitar and music theory, Sifu Kim has over 21 years of teaching experience in the music field. Her philosophy has always been to ignite passion and joy for music in a safe and fun environment, all the while incorporating an approach that emphasizes learning that enhances all facets of education and life.

After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Music Therapy, Sifu Kim received her accreditation as a music therapist in 2001 and has done extensive work with children, early teens, young adults with special needs such as autism, ADHD, emotional and physical impairments and developmental delays. She is also well-experienced working with geriatrics living with dementia, autism and post-stroke symptoms - even in a palliative environment.

Sifu Kim has currently initiated another venture with business partner, Sifu Lizzie Lavado, called Awakenergy. They offer services in chi kung and internal martial arts. Specializing in chi kung classes for post-natal moms, they enable mothers to maximize on their daily supply of energy (through circulation of energy and increased intake of energy units), leading to a healthy balance of physical and mental health, as well as improvement of overall quality of life. Their mandate is to make lives “lighter and brighter”.

They also offer internal martial art classes, where participants learn how to work with others in a safe and non-confrontational way. Through the training of high-level martial arts, practitioners learn how to flow with the opponent, gaining skills in how to interact with others even in general daily interactions. There is also the added benefit of attaining good health through learning martial arts combined with energy management.

Sifu Kim began her studies in chi kung and shaolin kung fu with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit in 2004. Grandmaster Wong, considered to be one of the greatest teachers of the Shaolin arts, is the head of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. The Shaolin arts as taught by Grandmaster Wong are comprised of Shaolin Kungfu, Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung, Shaolin Zen and Wahnam Taijiquan.

In 2004, Sifu Kim also commenced her studies in internal martial arts with internationally known Sifu Emiko Hsuen, the head of Joy&Freedom-International. Though based in Toronto, Sifu Hsuen travels around the world, from Costa Rica to Japan, teaching the Shaolin arts, Art of Body-Mind Flow, Wu Yi Jie He, Zhen Yuan Tai Chi (and other forms of Taijiquan) to those sincerely interested in internal energy cultivation.

Sifu Jinne Kim is a certified instructor with Joy&Freedom-International and continues her studies in chi kung, meditation and internal martial arts with Sifu Hsuen.

Private consultations - $50 CAD per hour

Websites: awakenergy.org, jinnekim.com.

Email: jinnekim at hotmail dot com, jinneandlizzie at awakenergy dot org.