About Sifu Francesca Blandizzi

Ever since the age of five, when she first began singing opera at the dinner table, Sifu Francesca Blandizzi has been sharing her gift of music in song. In her early twenties, she began formal studies in meditation through the guidance of Lama Jetsun Yeshe.

Ms. Blandizzi is currently working on sacred pieces and RCM exams with mentor and soprano extraordinaire, Susan Suchard. She is also studying guitar under multi-instrumentalist, Jinne Kim. Some of her past teachers include Peggy Mahon, Danny McErlain, Louise Lambert. Ms. Blandizzi's background as a performer encompasses training in voice, piano, guitar, acting, Latin dance, jazz dance and African hand drumming.

Ms. Blandizzi is not only an accomplished singer, but she is also a prolific songwriter whose compositions have been described as having a "soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating" effect on her listeners. Others have acknowledged her work as being "raw, vibrant and alive". Without a doubt, the common element in all of her songs is that honest, gutsy, soulful quality that never fails to touch the listener. She has the gift of being able to draw from the wide spectrum of human experience and, using the medium of music, give voice to the tender matters of the heart.

"To me," said Ms. Blandizzi in a recent conversation with fellow-artist and colleague, Emiko Hsuen, "it's like calling on the divine. The music has to be linked to the divine in order for me to sing authentically. So, while the lyrics aren't necessarily spiritual, the delivery is definitely from a spiritual place."

Ms. Blandizzi is a current partner in the soon-to-be-debuted "There For You" Series, showcasing some of Canada's greatest talents/works. She has also served as Co-Producer for "The Naked Emperor" Series, a Toronto event helping to showcase established and promising artists, while giving back to the community by donating 50% of the profits to charities.

Music is Ms. Blandizzi's vocation in life: she intends to continue sharing with her listeners the gift of healing through song, as well as develop new ways to support and encourage other artists in their individual journeys towards success. She can be found in her home studio, immersed in writing new high vibe songs...