Shaolin Arts:

- Shaolin Kung Fu
- Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung
- Shaolin Zen (Ch'an)
- Taijiquan

Joy&Freedom is proud to offer the authentic Shaolin Arts, including both Northern and Southern Shaolin.

Sifu Hsuen, the head instructor of J&F, is honoured to be a 5th generation certified instructor of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute, as led by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit (4th generation successor of Venerable Jiang Nan of the Southern Shaolin Monastery in Quan Zhou).

She is also honoured to be a 4th generation certified instructor of the Wu Yi Jie He Family Lineage, as led by Grandmaster Helen Xiao Rong Wu (3rd generation successor of Northern Shaolin Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping).

Lineage of Shaolin Wahnam

lineage of shaolin wahnam