The Art of Body-Mind Flow

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Through training the body and the mind, one learns to harness and move in harmony with the Flow that is ever-present in and around us. This Flow is limitless and infinite.

When we move against the flow, more units of energy must be used to carry out a single act. When we move with the flow, actions manifest "effortlessly". Our units of energy are freed up to be used wisely and cost-effectively for other activities, such as increasing calm, equanimity, awareness, and the understanding of the myriad choices we can make in life.

Through training Body-Mind Flow one gains facility over how to link one's energy network to the mechanics of the body, thereby finding expression for the limitless and joyous power of the mind - and no-mind!

Our Assurance:

At Joy&Freedom-International, we are committed to facilitating participants in an exciting, fun, yet ethical and safe learning environment.

All arts taught at Joy&Freedom are spiritual, yet non-religious and non-denominational.

Art of Body-Mind Flow

'Art of Body-Mind Flow' comprises the synthesis and culmination of Sifu Emiko Hsuen's training in meditation, martial arts, and qigong (Chinese energy arts).

There are 3 Streams of training for quality of life:

  • a) Energy Flow
  • b) Internal Martial Training
  • c) Awareness-Meditation

J&F instructors are certified to teach one or more of the 3 streams in 'Art of Body-Mind Flow'.

The main focus at J&F is to facilitate participants to experience the essence of the internal arts, leading to joy and freedom.

Aspects also covered in J&F workshops/classes are, how to:

  • sense and confidently manage energy flow
  • reduce stress and increase health,
  • attain basic self-defence skills,
  • experience joy and freedom,
  • arrive at better quality of life.