About Joy & Freedom

Joy & Freedom is pleased to present:

Shaolin Arts

Wu Yi Jie He Family Lineage

Art of Body-Mind Flow

The main focus at J&F is to facilitate participants to experience the essence of the internal arts, leading to joy and freedom.

Aspects also covered in J&F workshops/classes are, how to:

  • sense and confidently manage energy flow
  • reduce stress and increase health,
  • attain basic self-defence skills,
  • experience joy and freedom,
  • arrive at better quality of life.

About Sifu Emiko Hsuen

Emiko Hsuen

President & Chief Instructor
Born to Christian medical missionaries...(read more)

J&F Instructors - in alphabetical order

Francesca Blandizzi

Ever since the age of five...(read more)

Fusa Suelen Chang

Sifu Suelen is a grandmother of four...(read more)

Erica Derrickson

Sifu Erica Derrickson enjoys...(read more)

Craig English

Fluent in Japanese, among other languages...(read more)

Hiroko Furusawa

Sifu Hiroko hails from Hamamatsu, Japan...(read more)

Kyoko Hoshino

Sifu Kyoko is a disciple of...(read more)

Jinne Kim

Sifu Jinne Kim, MTA, B of MT currently owns...(read more)

Miyuki Kuroda

Sifu Miyuki has travelled...(read more)

Lizzie Lavado

Sifu Lizzie Lavado, qigong master and pianist extraordinaire...(read more)

Marisa Macri-Fefferman

Sifu Marisa is passionate about...(read more)

Katia Marten Herrero

Sifu Katia is an architect, warrior...(read more)

Robert Muckle

Sifu Bob is a long-time practitioner of...(read more)

Luke McManus

Sifu Luke is a warrior and mentor for...(read more)

Myriam Patino

Sifu Myriam is the first...(read more)

Carolina Quiros Marten

Sifu Carolina is a social entrepreneur...(read more)

Hubert Razack

A true scholar-warrior, Sifu Hubert...(read more)

Takako Tsuruta

Sifu Takako is the leader of the...(read more)

Ritsuko Watanabe

Sifu Ritsuko currently resides in...(read more)

Naoko Yamada

The director of 'Joy & Freedom - Japan'...(read more)

Yuuki Sagawa

Sifu Yuuki works as a liaison for...(read more)

J&F Assistant Instructors - in alphabetical order

Tekka Chang

A former wushu champion and father...(read more)

Alejandro Dada Ortiz

Alejandro is committed to...(read more)

Noriko Fujisaki

Noriko-san is one of the senior...(read more)

Hitomi Fukudome

Hitomi-san has been training...(read more)

Mihoko Funaki

Mihoko-san is an enthusiastic...(read more)

Etsuko Shimizu

Etsuko-san is an active...(read more)

Special Gratitude & Acknowledgments

Grandmaster Helen Xiao Rong Wu

Sifu Hsuen would like to express her great gratitude and deepest respect for Grandmaster Wu, and to thank her for her profound teachings, for being a living example of 'Wu De' (high moral character) and for her uncommon generosity of spirit.

Grandmaster Wu is the granddaughter of Northern Shaolin Grandmaster Wang, Zi-Ping, and daughter of the late Prof. Wang, Ju-Rong. Grandmaster Wu is the 3rd-generation successor of The Wu Yi Jie He Family Lineage (Chinese Martial Arts & Chinese Medicine combined teaching system). She teaches Taijiquan (Fan forms, Chen, Sun, Yang, weapons etc), Northern Shaolin Kungfu, and Qigong. Grandmaster Wu offers a rigorous certification course. She is in high demand to teach internationally.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Sifu Hsuen would like to express her deep gratitude and highest regard for Grandmaster Wong, whom she considers without hesitation to be the greatest Shaolin master she knows, and a living example of the arts that he teaches.

Grandmaster Wong teaches the Shaolin arts, comprised of Shaolin Kungfu, Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung, Shaolin Zen and Taijiquan. He is the 4th-generation successor of Ven. Jiang Nan's lineage from the Southern Shaolin Monastery. Grandmaster Wong is the Head of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute.